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The time was right

Since 1972, the Kruger family has been making cider from the neighborhood orchards. We grew well known varieties like Red Delicious, Crispin, Liberty, Freedom, King, Fuji, and more. I started Ten Towers Cider Co. in 2017 with a mission to create high quality Pacific Northwest craft ciders. Through teamwork, innovation, and creativity, we deliver our customers the best experience, one bottle at a time.

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Her form immemorial. Her very breath feeding the flame that weaves through all. Come! Fellowship with infused chai and reunite your fire with Shakti once more. Shakti's cider is balanced and delicately spiced with chai tea.

Shakti is a Semi-Sweet cider



In an era long past, the Middle Ages, brave and galant heroes roamed the lands. These were champions of craft and glory. Among them was a damsel who had never known distress, with an unbreakable blade and a penchant for only the finest of cider. Gravitas awaits you at the crossroads of resolve and destiny. It’s a perfect coalescence of cold-pressed Pacific Northwest apples and unyielding spirit years in the making.

Gravitas is a
Semi-Dry cider

soulless pear


Shrouded by the midnight branches of a thousand trees, a wailing herald of death makes known her presence. A misty lake churns, hinting at terrors below, but none compare to those behind the blood red eyes of her ghostly form. The banshee. Northwest pear and apple give breath to Soulless Pear's haunting ginger essence.

soulless pear is a Semi-Sweet cider

voodoo lady


Rumors of an enchanted elixir make their way through the warm Louisiana dark. Talk of an ancestral spirit guide, weaving ritual and charms, hang on the ear of every passer by. Timeless winds rushing through the orchards leaves whisper only one name; Voodoo Lady. Her elixir of fresh-pressed Pacific Northwest pink lady apples serves up a slightly tart and semi-sweet balance for her followers.

Voodoo lady is a Semi-Sweet cider


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